• Pandemic Slows Energy Efficiency Race

    Pandemic Slows Energy Efficiency Race

    Energy efficiency is expected to record this year its weakest progress in a decade, creating additional challenges to the world achieving international climate goals, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said in a new report on Thursday.   Plunging investments and the economic crisis have marked...
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  • Ready to Learn More about CNC machine?

    Ready to Learn More about CNC machine?

    1.What Is CNC Machining? The CNC process is the abbreviation of “computer numerical control”, which contrasts with the limitations of manual control, thus replacing the limitations of manual control. In manual control, the on-site operator is required to prompt and guide the processing through jo...
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  • How to ensure the safe use of Polystyrene Cutting Machine

    In the production of modern, for the use of some high-end machinery more and more, like Polystyrene Cutting Machine is widely used in various types of production, so how to ensure that the use of high-end technology for this type of machinery safety, sum up the experiences of relevant knowledge h...
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