Hebei XiongYe Machine Trade Co., Ltd was established in 1998, it is a subsidiary of Hebei XiongYe Group company . Hebei XiongYe Group include Xinji Changxing Plastic Machine Factory, Hebei XiongYe Machine Trade Co., Ltd, Hebei Nuohang Technology Co., Ltd.
Our factory will initiate the second phase of our development strategy. Our company regards “reasonable prices, efficient production time and good after-sales service” as our tenet. We hope to cooperate with more customers for mutual development and benefits. We welcome potential buyers to contact us.

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    22 years experience
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  • PSF I Type Full Automatic Discontinuous Pre-expander

    PSF I Type Full Automatic Discontinuous Pre-expander

    Product Introduction • Adopting Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), the machine realized automatic material feeding, electronic weighing, temperature controlling and material level control, etc. • Which can also be set up with density control system according to users’ requirements to realize automatic intelligent production; • With spiral filling device and electronic weighing device as well as closed foaming barrel and pressure control technology, the machine can sampler continuously...

  • Full Automatic Vacuum Panel Machine

    Full Automatic Vacuum Panel Machine

    Product Introduction • The machine is welded by high-quality profile steel with age heating treatment which can bring a high strength, non-deformation and high resistance to the expansive force from high-density products. • The machine is controlled by PLC full computer touch screen displayer which can realize a full automatic cycle operation of mould opening, mould closing, material feeding, heating, heat preserving, vacuum cooling, demoulding and extruding-out of finished products. • The su...

  • PSZ Series Automatic Shaping Machine

    PSZ Series Automatic Shaping Machine

     1.Control System : The machine is integrated with international advanced electronic original components with PLC Programmable Logic Controller (Germany,Siemens) and a Chinese touch screen displayer. With many self-protection and alarm systems,it is easily operated to to carry out automatic production from feeding, temperature control, ration, pressurizing,etc. 2.Work Modes: It works in two modes: normal feeding and pressure feeding of material, and the two modes can be switched as the struct...

  • Semi-automatic Type Forming Machine

    Semi-automatic Type Forming Machine

    Product Introduction • It adds Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) system on the basis of common forming machine, which adopts the advanced electronic and pneumatic components, and operation can be changed automatically and manually. It is the middle start and may change heating methods according to forms of product. • It lowers technical requirements to operators and all operations can be controlled by PLC. • Simultaneously feeding of multi feeding inlets greatly saves the feeding time. • Ti...

  • Full Automatic Cutting Machine

    Full Automatic Cutting Machine

    Product Introduction • The main frame of the machine is welded from square profile steel with a strong structure, high strength and no deformation. • The machine has horizontal, vertical and cross cutting devices and can realize 3-direction cutting, i.e. horizontal, vertical and cross cutting. • The machine is integrated with frequency control to realize a large range (0-4m/min) of stable and stepless speed adjusting which is suitable for the requirement for low-speed cutting and high-speed r...

  • Numerical Control Foam Cutting Machine

    Numerical Control Foam Cutting Machine

    Product Introduction • The main frame of the machine is made of aluminum alloy profile connected by special joints with stable function and performance, reasonable structure, high precision, easy and convenient operation which can save time, strength and raw material; It can cut many kinds of two-dimensional and rotational parts, which is mainly used to cut rotational molds with more curves such as European components, T slot board, column, pellet, etc.. • With full automatic industrial contr...

  • Coating machine

    Coating machine

    EPS Foam coating machine is very important machine as hot wire CNC foam cutting machine, for the companies, which produce decorative architectural foam shapes. The surface of the decorative models, which has sliced by EPS blocks, should be coated with foam coating machine, for protect the building surface from corrosive weather conditions (like rain, snow, hail, storm and temperature differences between day and night) For example, you can’t gain first quality product if your foam coating mach...

  • Polyurethane spray foam machine

    Polyurethane spray foam machine

    Machine introduction : Polyurethane foaming material has many advantages such as indulation,heat proofing,noise proofing and anticorrative etc.Widely used in many areas.Environmental friendly and energy-saving.The insulation and heatproofing function are better than any other materials. Pu spray machine advantages: 1. Pneumatic pressurizing device has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low failure rate, simple operation and convenient movement; 2. Advanced ventilation methods ma...


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