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EPP is a kind of polypropylene plastic foaming material. It is a kind of high-performance crystalline polymer / gas composite material. Because of its unique and superior performance, it has become the fastest growing environmental protection, new compression, durability, buffer and heat insulation material. EPP is also an environmentally friendly material that can be recycled and used to degrade naturally without causing white pollution. Customized sizes are available.
Changxing’s protective EPP foam is the perfect alternative to corrugated and other packaging materials. The versatile nature of EPP foam allows for a vast array of protective packaging uses. Lightweight, yet structurally strong, EPP provides impact resistant cushioning to reduce product damage during transportation, handling, and shipment.

●Maintains the insulation and integrity of your products
●Economical shippers are lightweight, reusable and recyclable.
●Tight fitting lid
●Durable, over and over again usage
Control Temperatures The foam inside this Staples insulated shipping container helps regulate interior temperatures to prevent food and other perishables from spoiling while on their way to their destinations. The foam also prevents ice pack condensation from leaking out and destroying the box’s integrity, ensuring the package arrives in one piece. Versatile and Reusable Use these containers for a variety of purposes including packing and storing perishable or easily breakable objects such as fruit and confectionery treats. The boxes can be reused, providing a budget- and Earth-friendly way to store and ship items.
A fantastic way to ship refrigerated or frozen products, this insulated cooler with shipping box is the perfect solution for keeping cold foods fresh and contained during transportation. Use it to ensure reliable delivery of medication, meats, chocolate, and other temperature-sensitive products. Perfect for use by restaurants, bakeries, farmers markets, caterers, and retail stores, this cooler features an indented lip for a flawless, secure fit with its corresponding lid.


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