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Foam weighting agent is our new product, colorless and odourless product.The foam board weighting agent particle type is a new type of EPS polystyrene foam board environmental protection additive. This product is colorless and odorless. It can increase the bulk density of eps foam board and eps foam packaging products in polystyrene foam products. The actual application of polystyrene raw materials has excellent effects in many aspects. After many manufacturers have used it, the weight gain effect is relatively obvious. The product also has the characteristics of flame retardant, non-toxic, environmental protection, hardening, low price, and easy to use. , After use, the product has the characteristics of flame retardancy, weight gain, bright color, bright, and toughness. Energy-saving materials are used for foam pipes, small packages, plates, etc., light boards increase 1 to 2 kilograms per cubic meter, and heavy boards increase 3-5 kg.

EPS polystyrene foam board weighting agent professional foam weighting agent supplier.
EPS foam board weighting agent is divided into particle type and liquid type. Specifically, their performance and application board density are not the same. They are used for color steel sandwich panels and granular shapes for cutting shapes; granular and liquid types for exterior wall insulation boards and floor heating boards can be used, and they can also be mixed for weight gain and flame retardant. The effect is better.
Generally speaking, one party can gain 2-3 kg in weight without affecting the appearance and feel of the board. It is an indispensable auxiliary material for EPS foam board factories and benzene board factories. The products have been promoted abroad.

1.Better result increase weight
2.No dust
3.No corrosion for the machine.
4.Better fire retardant result.
5.No-poisonous and environmental protection.
6.Cheaper price.
Increase profit 150-500$/ton, one kilogram will instead one kilogram eps raw material.

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