What aquarists need to know: Suitable living environments for different fish species

The environments that different fish prefer vary depending on their living habits and ecological needs.
Here are some common fish species and their preferred environments: Tropical fish:

Tropical fish usually come from tropical and subtropical areas, and they prefer warm waters and ample vegetation.
Many tropical fish, such as bettas, surgeonfish and koi, prefer clear waters and have high requirements for water temperature and quality.

Freshwater fish: Some freshwater fish, such as alligator catfish, catfish and crucian carp, are adapted to freshwater environments. They like to live in lakes, rivers and streams. Some species also dig holes in the water or live in aquatic plants.

Saltwater fish: Saltwater fish such as pearl fish, sea bass and sea tuna are marine fish. They require a seawater environment with moderate salinity and clear water quality, and usually inhabit coral reefs and rocky areas.

Cold-water fish: Some cold-water fish such as salmon, cod, and trout like to live in cold waters, generally inhabiting waters at the junction of freshwater and seawater or in cold oceans.

River bottom-dwelling fish: Some bottom-dwelling fish such as loaches, catfish and crucian carp like to live in the sediment and aquatic plants at the bottom of rivers or lakes, and are usually active at night or early in the morning.

In general, different fish have different environmental adaptability and living habits, and understanding the required water temperature, salinity, water quality, habitat and other factors is crucial to successfully raising different types of fish.

Therefore, when choosing to raise fish, you need to fully understand their ecological needs and provide corresponding environment and living conditions to ensure their health and happiness.

Post time: Dec-19-2023