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Machine introduction :
Polyurethane foaming material has many advantages such as indulation,heat proofing,noise proofing and anticorrative etc.Widely used in many areas.Environmental friendly and energy-saving.The insulation and heatproofing function are better than any other materials.

Pu spray machine advantages:
1. Pneumatic pressurizing device has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low failure rate, simple operation and convenient movement;
2. Advanced ventilation methods make the equipment work stable;
3. The multiple material filtering device can reduce spray clogging;
4. Multi-leakage protection system can protect the safety of operators;
5. Equipped with an emergency switch system, which can quickly respond to emergencies;
6. The heating system can heat up the raw materials to an ideal state to meet the normal construction of the equipment;
7, the equipment operation panel is humanized setting, it is easy to master the operation mode;
8. The new spray gun has the advantages of small size, light weight and low failure rate;
9. The feed pump adopts a large variable ratio method, which can also easily feed materials when the viscosity of the raw materials is high in winter;

Technical Parameter  :
Power source : single phase 220V 50HZ ( can be customized )
Heating power : 7.5kw
Drive mode : pneumatic
Air source : 0.5-0.8MP≥0.9m3/minute
Raw output : 2-12 kg/min
Maximum output pressure :11Mpa
AB material output ratio AB : 1:1

Equipment Standard Configuration:
Main machine:1 set
Spray gun :1 set
Lifting pump: 2 sets
Barrel connector :2 sets
Heating pipes: 15meters (longest 60meters )
Spray gun connectors :2 meters
Accessory box : 1 set
Instruction manual: 1 copy

Mainly for pouring construction,spraying construction,buffer packaging.
For spraying:Building exterior and interior wall spraying,cold storage spraying, cabinet insulation and noiseproofing of car&bus,roof insulation and waterproof,refrigerated trucks and industrial anticorrative spraying.
For pouring:solar water heater,refrigerator,freezer,pipe joints,door-crack padding,products padding&packaging,roller shutter door,security door,road construction,wall noiseproofing,landscape modeling etc.

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